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When Should You Use Mouthwash for the Best Results?

Posted on 7/19/2021 by Advanced Dental Specialty Group
When Should You Use Mouthwash for the Best Results?As kids most of us learned to use mouthwash during our dental routine in the morning and at night. However, what we're never told is when to properly use the mouthwash. Some people believe that you should use mouthwash before you brush and floss, while others believe it should be used after, and still others believe that you should do it twice during the day but not in the routine. Honestly, there is a lot of conflicting information about when to use it even on the internet. Here is what we suggest.

If Used Before Brushing

It's fine to use it before brushing but make sure that you use a type with a high amount of fluoride in it. Using it before brushing can get fluoride into small spaces and it can help to break down and break away particles before the brushing has even happened. But be aware that if a spot is missed while brushing, there is only fluoride to protect it until the next time you brush.

If Used After Brushing

It's also fine to use it after brushing, but there are more particulars when doing it this way. Unlike using it before, you'll need to give your teeth a thirty-minute interval between when you brush and when you use the wash. This is because brushing your teeth rubs away both the protection your teeth has and the plaque that has built up on them. It takes your saliva about thirty minutes to 'harden' your teeth again so it's important to wash after that gap time.

Alcohol vs. Alcohol-Free

Chances are, depending on what your parents picked for you growing up, you'll either be convinced of the benefits of alcohol mouthwash, or convinced of the benefits of alcohol-free mouthwash. To be fair, they have about the same amount of protection for your teeth. Where things get interesting is when the alcohol-free mouthwash begins to out preform alcohol, because in total oral health. The status of your entire mouth matters—and alcohol-based mouthwashes tend to irritate gums and dry out the mouth. For more information on your brushing habits and mouthwash, give our office a call.

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