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How Our Suction Tools Help Get Your Mouth Cleaner

Posted on 7/5/2021 by Advanced Dental Specialty Group
How Our Suction Tools Help Get Your Mouth CleanerWhen you come in to see us, there are a few tools you'll recognize immediately. One of them is a water pick, which helps us flush out debris and clean while working. The other is the saliva ejector, also known as a sucky thing or a suction tool. Our suction tools are designed with a few goals in mind, and one of them is helping to get your mouth cleaner while keeping you comfortable.

How They Help to Clean

When first thinking about the suction tool, it's not immediately obvious why it helps to clean out the mouth during your visit. If anything, it raises questions because it does not clean in the traditional sense of water (and soap). Instead, it helps to remove bacteria and saliva from your mouth while we work inside of it. This keeps your mouth cleaner because it keeps the area dry, and that helps us to install bonds and instruments in your mouth. Saliva has a lot of qualities to it, and one of those is being a lubricant, so sometimes bonds that need to happen in your mouth can be affected by too much saliva in the area.

Further, with many tools in your mouth, there is usually an increase of saliva. This increase is a bodily reaction that comes from your body believing there are things that need to be wet inside of your mouth. Using a suction tool ensures that you are comfortable during your treatment because it removes all of that extra saliva which can cause choking if gone unchecked.

How They Keep You Healthy

As we work with tools inside such a small space, sometimes things like polishers can push particles into the air inside of the space. If swallowed or inhaled, this can cause sickness or push outward and throw bacteria at us. The suction tool also helps to remove those particles that get released during the appointment, and they help keep everyone healthy and safe. Contact us to learn more about what we do and how we use our tools to keep you healthy and safe.

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