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What are the importance of Overdentures?

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Advanced Dental Specialty Group
What are the importance of Overdentures?Overdenture can be any removable dental prosthesis, an intraoral prosthesis used to reconstruct defects inside a patient's mouth. For example, when some teeth are missing or when some of the teeth parts are missing and when soft or soft or hard structures of the jaw and palate are missing.

Dental prostheses are found covering natural teeth and roots. These prostheses are tooth-supported or supported by the implant. Overdenture is one of the most practical measures that our dentists use in preventive dentistry. To those patients who have lost their teeth, overdenture is performed for suitable for a full set of dentures.

What are the procedure of Overdenture?

Our dentists begin the process of dental implant by placing a post into the new jaw. This is done through an incision of the jaw. These dental implants act as artificial roots because the natural origin is removed. The healing process may take three to six months when gums heal snap is placed on the implant. This process is done through the reopening of the gingival tissue, exposing the implant.

Drug is then attached to the dental implant, and the gums can heal in two weeks. Lastly is the tooth restoration phase, where custom-made dentures are secured to the hardware that is attached to the implant.

Fabrication of Dentures

While our patients undergo the dental implant placement process, our dentist's lab fabricates their dentures. When the gums have healed and are safe, our dentist takes an impression of the teeth. Our dentists also check the fit and if the dentures appear as desired before the final dentures are crafted. When our dentists are satisfied with the fit and the look of the dentures, prosthetics are made.

Lastly, after the final dentures are made and attached to the dental implants by our dentists, the look of the dentures may be adjusted.

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