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What are Dental Braces and Retainers?

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Advanced Dental Specialty Group
What are Dental Braces and Retainers?Dental braces and retainers are dental devices that are used to straighten crooked teeth, remove tooth gaps, align the teeth in a proper arch, and give you a beautiful smile. There are many different types of braces and retainers, but the difference between them is merely for aesthetic purposes.

Some braces, like traditional wire braces, are too visible and can make the wearers more conscious about their smile, whereas the braces with transparent or invisible brackets are barely visible, and only a thin metal wire is seen.

Braces are wired around your teeth and can only be removed after a year a two when your teeth have aligned properly. Retainers are removable are patient can remove them while eating and brushing teeth. Typically, an orthodontist will suggest that the patient wear retainers for a certain number of hours per day.

Who Needs Braces?

People who need braces are the ones who are suffering from the following dental problems:
•  Crooked teeth
•  Overcrowding teeth
•  Tooth gaps
•  The upper frontal teeth stick out (Overjet)
•  People whose lower teeth overlap on their upper teeth (overbite)
•  People whose upper teeth overlap on their lower teeth (underbite)
•  People who want to improve their smile

Who Cannot Wear Braces?

Contrary to some well-known misconceptions, braces can be worn by people of any age group. Adults above the age of 18 can also wear braces because the jawbones and teeth can be moved or aligned at any age.

However, people who have prevailing oral conditions and especially the ones who are suffering from gum diseases are not allowed to wear braces because their teeth and gums are too weak to support the move.

Braces exert pressure on the teeth so they can move to their proper place. People with weak gums and teeth will not be able to sustain their pressure, and it could result in teeth falling off.

General Facts About Braces

Most braces are made from a metal wire that is supported by metal brackets. But for improved aesthetics, some braces are also made from ceramic or plastic.
Braces are generally worn for a few months to more than 2 years, depending on the misalignment of your teeth.

Typically, braces required readjustment after every 6 to 8 weeks. But your orthodontist will advise you on how frequently your braces need adjustment. Regular visits to the orthodontist become mandatory for patients who wear braces.

Oral care and hygiene become more important for the patients who wear braces. Most braces wearers will find the need to brush their teeth after every meal as food residue can get stuck on the metal wire and brackets. Braces should also be flossed to remove food debris and prevent bacterial infections.

If you are considering getting braces or retainers to straighten your teeth, visit us at Advanced Dental Specialty Group and speak to Dr. Scott Ferguson, DDS and Dr. Hailee Rask, DDS MSD. You can call us at 385 381-6464 to book your appointment.

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