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What are the different types of dental diseases?

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Advanced Dental Specialty Group
What are the different types of dental diseases?Dental or oral diseases are caused by poor oral hygiene that affects the dental and gum structures of the facial cavity. Dental diseases have been linked with affecting the individual's overall wellness, for example, by causing heart diseases, malignant tumors or infections, and even diabetes.

Types of dental diseases

Cavities are also referred to as caries or tooth decay; cavities are areas of the tooth that have been permanently damaged and have holes (cavities) in them. They occur when bacteria, acid, and even food remains lunge on the teeth to form a coating called plaque. The plaque, when left unremoved, hardens, and eats away the enamel of the tooth, then the dentin and the connective tissues. Over time, this condition leads to permanent damage.

Gingivitis is also known as gum disease and is caused by the inflammation of the gums and tissue. It results from poor hygiene, such as poor flossing and brushing, which results in plaque building up. This builds up makes the gums swell and bleed when one brushes or flosses. Periodontitis is the more serious infection caused by untreated gingivitis. Periodontitis, if left untreated, could spread to the jaw and cause inflammation throughout the patient's body.

An injury or trauma causes cracked, broken, sensitive teeth to the mouth; chewing had foods or teeth grinding. Cracked and broken teeth cause severe pain and discomfort and make a tooth very sensitive. Tooth sensitivity can also be a temporary effect of a tooth filling root canal and can be caused by the thinning of the enamel, receding gums, broken or cracked teeth.

 Oral cancers include cancers of the tongue, gums, lips, cheeks, the floor of the mouth, and the hard and soft palates. Malignant growths are life-threatening if left undiagnosed or treated; they manifest swellings, speckled bleeding, numb persistent sore swellings in the oral cavity. They make it difficult for normal jaw or mouth functioning causing horsiness and pain. Bad lifestyle habits like smoking, chewing, and tobacco use are the highest risks for oral cancers. 

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