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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Advanced Dental Specialty Group
What Is Sleep Apnea?Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing in your sleep. While this isn't harmful to everyone, it can cause serious problems if left untreated, including tooth loss and gum disease. Here's what you need to know about sleep apnea and how it affects your teeth.

The main symptoms of sleep apnea.

Some of the symptoms include; Snoring, gasping/choking sounds when breathing, excessive daytime sleepiness, headaches, memory problems, depression/anxiety. Sleep apnea can also cause a drastic drop in blood oxygen level at night (known as hypoxemia), which can lead to various health issues if prolonged. As you can see from these symptoms alone, sleep apnea has serious consequences for your teeth and oral health.

Dental effects of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea isn't only an affliction for your sleeping habits, but also an attack on your dental health. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may experience frequent headaches and soreness in your jaw. Sleep apnea increases inflammation in the mouth, which can lead to more serious conditions like gum disease, tooth decay, or even oral cancer.

How oral appliances can help treat sleep apnea.

Oral appliances are a great way to treat sleep apnea. They are small devices, which fit in your mouth that open your jaw slightly to allow for easier breathing during sleep. These oral appliances can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but most patients get used to them quickly, allowing them to rest easily through the night. In fact, you may even forget that you're wearing one!

sleep apnea treatment.

Sleep apnea affects over 18 million Americans, but only half of them know they have it. Sleep apnea is a disorder where you stop breathing for short periods during sleep, causing sufferers to gasp or snort loudly. These pauses in breathing can last for as long as 30 seconds at a time, negatively affecting your health and disrupting your sleep patterns. Untreated sleep apnea has been linked to numerous diseases including hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, stroke, diabetes, anxiety and depression.

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