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Tooth Sensitivity

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Advanced Dental Specialty Group
Tooth SensitivitySome people feel pain or discomfort when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and beverages. Sometimes it could be a sign of cavities or tooth sensitivity. It is not abnormal to have sensitive teeth. However, the discomfort or pain could go away with a visit to a dentist. We are going to discuss tooth sensitivity and ways to treat it.

What is tooth sensitivity

It is also known as dentin hypersensitivity. It occurs when there is sharp pain or discomfort in the teeth after taking hot or cold food or drink. The pain and discomfort are response stimuli from the teeth nerves. Tooth sensitivity can be from one tooth, a group of teeth, or all the teeth in the mouth. Tooth sensitivity triggers such as hot/cold/acidic/sweet foods and beverages, cold air, brushing or flossing teeth, and alcoholic foods or drinks. Some people have thinner enamels than others. The thickness of the enamel may determine how sensitive they feel. Tooth enamels can be worn out by brushing teeth hard, grinding teeth, using a hard toothbrush, and taking acidic foods and drinks regularly.


Taking care of the enamel is the first step in treating tooth sensitivity. This can be done by brushing your teeth gently. Use a toothbrush that has soft bristles if you are heavy-handed. Gentle brushing will protect the teeth and gums while reducing the wear of the enamel. Avoid taking acidic foods and beverages. Taking sodas and candy as snacks will not help treat tooth sensitivity; however, milk and cheese products will help. Teeth clenching and grinding should be prevented as it destroys teeth' enamel, which causes sensitivity. If you are bleaching teeth, you should see the dentist. They will advise on what products to use or if you must avoid them completely, as they contribute to teeth sensitivity.

Offering care

Tooth sensitivity may be periodic or permanent, depending on the person. Sometimes the pain is too much and requires a visit to the dentist. Please consult with us on your tooth sensitivity.

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