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Gingival Contouring
Farmington, UT

A smiling woman after her gingival contouring procedure at Advanced Dental Specialty Group.Periodontics is the specialized field of dentistry that focuses on the health of your gums. Recent advancements in this field have resulted in many great procedures that can be utilized to improve the health and function of your gums.

Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group utilize these procedures, such as gingival contouring, to provide you with the best patient experience possible. By using gingival contouring, our team can treat several soft tissue conditions to protect your teeth and give you a smile that you can be confident in.

What Conditions Require Gingival Contouring?

Gingival contouring is used to treat various abnormal occurrences on your gumline. One of these is when you have an excess amount of gum tissue present. This can cause what is known as a gummy smile. If you have excess gum tissue, too little of your teeth are exposed, which affects the appearance and function of your teeth.

Excess gum tissue can make you more prone to oral health conditions such as gum disease. This is because the excess gum tissue can prevent you from properly cleaning your teeth. It can also trap bacteria and plaque, which increases your risk of tooth decay. Our team utilizes gingival contouring to remove this excess tissue and expose more of your teeth.

Gingival contouring is also utilized if you do not have enough gum tissue. One of the many symptoms of gum disease is a receding gumline. Gum disease damages your gum tissue, exposing too much of your teeth and making them less stable. Our professionals can attach additional tissue to the receded portions of your gumline to reshape them and protect your teeth.

What Is the Gingival Contouring Procedure Like?

Gingival contouring is a relatively simple procedure that is completed in our office. As with any procedure that may cause you discomfort, an anesthetic is administered before the procedure is started. Our team will then begin the gingival contouring process. The procedure is completed with the use of a soft tissue laser.

If you have excess gum tissue, our professional will slowly remove this excess tissue using the soft tissue laser. The laser causes minimal bleeding and poses a very low risk of infection. Your gums may be tender for a few days after the procedure, but there is very little aftercare needed. Our team may have you rinse with an antibiotic mouthwash once they complete the contouring.

If our professional is grafting new tissue to your gums, they will harvest this material from somewhere else in your oral cavity. Your palate is the most common donor location due to a large amount of excess material available. This harvested material is then grafted to your gumline in the areas affected by the recession. As the material heals, it will begin to function as your existing gum tissue.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have too little or too much gum tissue and do not have confidence in your smile, you may be a good candidate for gingival contouring. Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group can improve the look and function of your gums with this simple procedure. You can schedule your appointment today by calling our office at 385 381-6464.

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Gingival Contouring - Farmington, UT • Advanced Dental Specialty Group
Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group utilizes these procedures, such as gingival contouring, to provide you with the best patient experience possible.
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