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Gum Graft Surgery
Farmington, UT

Dentist explaining an x-ray to a woman patient.There are many periodontal procedures available to treat a wide variety of oral health conditions. These procedures can be used for oral health reasons, cosmetic reasons, or a combination of the two. One such procedure is gum grafting. Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group utilize gum grafting to improve the appearance and function of your gum line.

What Conditions Require Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is used to treat a receding gum line. When your gum line recedes, more of your teeth are exposed to bacteria and wear from the consumption of food and drinks. A receding gum line may occur in otherwise healthy individuals due to genetics. Your mouth may not properly develop and maintain the correct amount of gum tissue.

Gum grafting is also utilized to treat severe cases of gum disease. Gum disease will cause damage and infection to your gums. This tissue sometimes needs to be removed during a procedure called gingival contouring. Gum grafting is used to replace this material after it is removed.

Why Is Gum Grafting Necessary?

Your gums play a key role in protecting and stabilizing your teeth. If you experience gum recession and leave it untreated, you are at an increased risk of tooth decay. Insufficient gum tissue can also contribute to a loss of bone density in your jaw and make you at risk for tooth loss. Gum grafting protects you from both of these consequences of receding gums.

Where Is Gum Grafting Material Harvested From?

The material used for a gum graft can be harvested from a variety of locations. The most common harvest site is the palate at the top of your mouth. This site is used most frequently because it is dense enough for our professionals to harvest from without harming your palate. When our team uses your own tissue to complete the graft, it is known as an autograft.

Other harvest sites include areas such as your cheek or the upper edges of the roof of your mouth. These sites are less commonly used because the tissue in these locations is not as thick and may not provide our team with enough grafting material. These locations also may not heal as quickly and might be more easily irritated during normal eating and drinking when compared to your palate.

What Is the Gum Grafting Procedure?

The gum grafting procedure is not very complex and provides a short healing period. Our team will begin by administering an anesthetic to ensure that you are pain-free during the surgery. Our professional will then harvest the grafting material from your palate. The material is then sutured to your gum line in the needed locations.

Your gums may be tender for a few days after the procedure. Once the material heals, it will function like your natural gums and will blend in perfectly. The grafted material will improve the appearance of your smile and protect your teeth.

Schedule an Appointment for a Gingival Graft in Farmington

If you have experienced receding gums or severe damage due to gum disease, you may be a candidate for a gum graft. Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group can conduct an oral exam and determine if a gum graft is right for you. You can schedule your appointment by calling our team at 385 381-6464.

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Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group utilize gum graft surgery to improve the appearance and function of your gum line. Click to learn more.
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